Steven Strait

Short bio of actor Steven Strait, plus there are many related links listed in comments.

steven strait

DOB: March 23rd, 1986
Profession: actor, model, singer
Nationality: American

Steven Strait was born and raised in Greenwich Village (state of New York, USA). He attended Xavier High School. As a teenager, he modeled for several magazines. He is featured in photographer Bruce Weber´s book, “All-American: Short Stories” (2001). Steven started with acting lessons at the age of 11. He has worked at the “Stella Adler Acting Studio” and the “Black Nexxus Acting Studio” in NYC.

In 2004 he graduated and moved to California to pursue an acting career. In next year, 2005, he debuted in his first movie, “Sky High”. Steven covered The Fixx song “One Thing Leads to Another” as the soundtrack. His next movie was “Undiscovered” (with Ashlee Simpson and Pell James). In 2006 he starred in thriller “The Covenant”, gaining worldwide fame. He also appeared in movie “10,000 BC” (2008), playing main role, just like in “The Covenant”. In 2008 another movie with him was released (“Stop Loss”), plus he is currently working on a new movie called “Priest” (expected in 2009).

He is married to actress Lynn Collins. They have been dating since 2006, and marriage was confirmed in March this year. Besides acting, he is also the lead singer of rockband The Tribe. Other members are: Michael D’Andrilli (guitar), Geoff Tilocca (drums) and Krisneo (bass). A full length album is being planned, but date of the release is still unknown.



Sky High (as Warren Peace)
Undiscovered (as Luke Falcon)


The Covenant (as Caleb Danvers)


10,000 BC (as D’Leh)
Stop-Loss (as Michael Colson)



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  1. topmodels Says:

    Steven Strait – Unfaithful (video clip)


    The Covenant (movie info)


    Official Site

  2. topmodels Says:

    adding few gallery links:

  3. topmodels Says:

    and few movie links:

    Breaking the Silence: Exposing the Covenant

    Third Watch

    Sky High


    The Covenant
    (already linked in the first comment)

    10,000 B.C.


  4. topmodels Says:

    adding few biography links:

    Steven Strait biography, information, news, links, pictures

    Steven Strait Biography, Filmography,_Steven/index.html

    Steven Strait – Biography

    Steven Strait Biography – Steve Strait Movies and Facts

    Steven Strait – Biography – Moviefone

    Steven Strait Biography plus pictures, news, information and products

    Steven Strait Biography – Yahoo! Movies

  5. topmodels Says:

    post was updated with biography and filmography…

    if you need anything else (eg. photo gallery), just let me know


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