Anna Nicole Smith has no Peace

Bitter court battles continue to rage, as Howard K. Stern could be evicted from Anna Nicole Smith´s Bahamas home, if he is not the father of Dannielynn.

Plus official reports about her death are about to be released this week, possibly this or next day, but some media already claim that she died because of “sleeping pill overdose and a blood infection“.

Also, the two diaries written by Anna Nicole Smith have been sold on eBay for more than 500.000 USD. The material will be used as the basis of a book, according to the buyer.

anna nicole smith


One Response to “Anna Nicole Smith has no Peace”

  1. topmodels Says:

    Medical examiner Dr. Perper published the official report about the cause of Anna Nicole Smith’s death. The cause of death is “accidental drug overdose” plus the troubled star has been “suffering from stomach flu, fever and (blood) infection from drug injections”. Dr. Perper also claims that Anna should be in hospital earlier (which could have probably saved her life).

    Howard K. Stern already responded to that claim and insists that Anna refused medical help in days before her death.

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